Erase NTFS Partition

Data security is the main issue for anyone. Either you want to keep your data safely or you want to dispose the very critical data from computer drives when there are possibilities of your system being used by others. NTFS provides you improved data security. NTFS also comes with lot of advanced features like proper disk space utilization, reliability, etc. When it comes to data disposal then you can delete data or format NTFS drive on your computer if you want to remove entire data from the drive. But you cannot be sure that nobody will access it again as anybody can use a recovery software for getting back data from formatted NTFS drive. What can be done in such situations? Do not panic, you can wipe your NTFS drive using a Remo MORE software and be free from the fear of your confidential data getting recovered.

How recovery software works?

When you delete data from your NTFS partition, the storage space will be ready to reuse. Till any data is saved in the space, the data will be present on the physical NTFS partition. Only the pointers to the stored files are removed and are not accessible by operating system. Hence, recovery software scans the physical drive and displays data on NTFS partition. But if the data is overwritten then there are no chances of recovery.

Anyhow you do not want to take a chance on leakage of your important data on NTFS partition. There are number of situations in which you need to wipe your data from NTFS partition. In case you need to hand over your computer to someone else, threats of data stealing or you are selling your computer then you need to erase your NTFS partition with very sensitive data like,

In the above situation when you think of tool for wiping NTFS partition then here is the solution. You can wipe NTFS partition using Remo MORE effectively.

Remo MORE for wiping NTFS partition:

Remo MORE helps you to wipe NTFS partition on your computer. This application has the option of sanitizing drives by using three different options namely, Fast Zero Write, Random Write and DOD 5220.22.M. This program is even capable of wiping files and free space on drive partitions. This program can be used to perform various other functionalities on computers under manage, optimize, recover and enhance categories. This tool comes for free and you can seek technical support anytime you want. Try the software today to keep your computer in a good working condition.

Easy steps to wipe NTFS partition using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on your Windows computer. Run the program and click on “Manage” option to get the main screen as shown in Fig 1. Then select “Data Wipe” option.

Wipe NTFS Partition - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: You will be prompted to next screen as shown in Fig 2. Select “Drive Sanitizer option from this screen.

Wipe NTFS Partition - Select Drive Santizer

Fig 2: Select Drive Santizer

Step 3: Then select the NTFS partition which you want to wipe, as shown in Fig 3. Then click on next to continue.

Wipe NTFS Partition - Select Drive to Wipe

Fig 3: Select Drive to Wipe

Step 4: Select drive wiping method and click on “Proceed”. You will get a pop up for confirmation of wiping process as shown in Fig 4. Click on “OK” to approve wiping process.

Wipe NTFS Partition - Select Wiping Method

Fig 4: Select Wiping Method

Step 5: The software starts wiping NTFS partition and while the process is in progress you will get the screen as shown in Fig 5. You can “Pause” or “Cancel” the process.

Wipe NTFS Partition - Wipe in Progress

Fig 5: Wipe in Progress

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