Are you Facing “Microsoft Not Responding” Error Every now and then?

Most of the computer users today generally make use of Microsoft Word application to create a document for the best way to store and convey the information. They facilitate you with a wide range of options that can help you create documents with text, images, bar charts, different font style, color etc

At certain point of times when you try to access word it prompts you with a “Microsoft Not Responding” error. This can be the most annoying message that you never want to face. It completely stops you from accessing your word files. Due to this error you will not be able to complete your work. What can be done at this moment? How to Fix Word if its not Responding? There is no other option than get it fixed. But now the question how it can be fixed? Stop wondering!!! Here is software that performs a repair on your word files and relieves you by facing this error further i.e. Fix Word tool. This software provides you with all the facilities to fix the error in extreme data damage conditions. It can manage the fixing of files on different versions of Windows operating system. It also supports repairing of DOCX files that are corrupted or damaged due to any issues. Follow for more details.

Reasons for Microsoft Word not responding error:

  • Macro Viruses: Macro viruses are malicious program written in the macro language. Since Microsoft Word allows such program embedding along with it, they get along when the Microsoft software is running and cause malfunction like automatically embedding its malicious codes all through the path where the user places the cursor. It damages the word document file and prompts not responding error
  • Archiving Word files: Archiving files are one of the options available when the system runs low of memory. Archiving refers to the file compressing in order to reduce the file size and make some free memory to store new data on storage devices. Basically they can be achieved using a third party tool. But we accidentally end up selecting a wrong tool and compressing the word file which causes the data damage on it
  • Transferring word from one device to other: There are times where we need to transfer the word files from one device to another device. In such an instance the complete transfer have to be carried out without facing any hurdles. But this does not happen always since you may have interruption due to power surges that alters the file structure of word documents and causes file damage.

In all scenarios Fix Word tool offers a helping hand to repair all the data disaster issues keeping the original content intact.

Fix Word tool is a proficient tool on demand till today for prefect fixing of word file not responding due to damage. Navigate to the link to repair all other problems relating to word file damage. Apart from data in body of the file like OLE objects and hyperlink you will be enabled to fix damage on the word file header. This software supports fixing of doc and docx format. With the help of this efficient application, you can even fix or repair Word 2007 document on popular versions of Windows OS. This software also supports to fix word 2013, 2007 etc.

After the word repair it helps you preview the file and make a restoration on any location you wish. It also helps to sort the files based on different file attributes. You will be able to repair Microsoft word in Windows 7, along with other versions like Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

Steps to fix word if its not responding:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Windows operating system. As soon as the software is launched you can view a window with a browse button. Click and it and select the location of the damaged word file you want to fix and click on “Repair” button as displayed in fig 1

How to Fix Word if its not Responding - Home Page

Fig 1- Browse the word file you want to fix

Step 2: The fixing process initiates for few seconds as shown in the figure. On the next screen you will be able to preview your fixed word file by clicking on preview option.

How to Fix Word if its not Responding - Repair Progress Screen

Fig 2- Repair Process get initiated

Step 3: When the next window is displayed the software asks you to select the desired destination folder to save your fixed file. After selecting click on “Save” option. Refer fig 3

How to Fix Word if its not Responding - Save Word File Screen

Fig 3- Save the fixed word file

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