How to Compress Word Document 2013?

Some of the features provide by Microsoft Word 2013 application might lead to a big size file which in turn lead to problems like low disk space.  These files will then, cannot be sent over network as almost all the email service providers restrict the amount of data sent. This raises the need of Word 2013 document compression. But using an unreliable compression tool to compress Word 2013 document might leave it in a corrupt state. Therefore, use Remo MORE software which has the best file compression tool embedded in it. There are some manual tips that can be considered while creating a Word file to keep it small in size.

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Some tips to keep the Word file size less

  1. Insert Graphics instead of Copying and Pasting – Most of the people uses copy and paste option to add graphics into a Microsoft Word document. This process is effortless, but it’s not that much efficient as the pasted image is a bitmap file. The difference in file size can be much more when the inserted image is of JPG format.
  2. Compress Pictures if Possible – This feature is added in Microsoft Word 2002 version and using this, the pictures will be compressed without revealing to the user.
  3. Turn off Preview Picture – Preview picture is the thumbnail of document's first page. This thumbnail is shown in the Details section of Windows Explorer when the respective Word document is selected or highlighted. If the first page contains some graphics then it might an issue and turning off Preview Picture is recommended.
  4. Check for Versions – Some Word documents might need you to keep versions. However, after many versions, you might find that this feature adds too much to the file size. You can either turn off the feature or delete those versions that are not required.

Even after following all the above tips, if the Word file size is large then make use of Remo MORE software. This software has been developed using advanced algorithms that ensure safety of the Word file being compressed. The files that are compressed using this tool are almost 80% smaller than the original file size. The software has a easy to use interface that can be operated by even a normal home user without any guidance or technical knowledge. Apart from Word 2013 file, Remo MORE is compatible will all the versions of Microsoft Word versions. It can be downloaded and installed on any Windows Operating System version like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and even Windows Server 2003 & 2008.

To compress Word 2013 document, you just have to download the tool from the links provided on this page and install it. Then follow the on-screen instructions by pressing some mouse buttons. Most of all, the tool is available as free of cost; that makes it the best Word file compression tool. To extract the already compressed file data, the user will not require any other tool. Remo MORE software will be enough to do so. Even to update the zip file contents, the same tool can be utilized. Therefore, Remo MORE tool is a one stop solution for Word 2013 document compression, opening or updating.

Follow these steps to compress Word 2013 document

Step a – Download the Remo MORE tool to perform Word 2013 document compression and install it.

Step b – From the main screen, select “Manage” option

Compress Word 2013 Document - Main Screen

Download Remo MORE Windows

Step c – Then select “Compress & Burn” option

Compress Word 2013 Document - Select Drive Santizer

Step d – Now choose “Zip” option

Compress Word 2013 Document - Select Drive to Wipe

Step e – Click on “Create New Zip File

Compress Word 2013 Document - Select Wiping Method

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Step f – Now browse for the location to save the newly created Zip file and provide other options. Then click on OK

Compress Word 2013 Document - Wipe in Progress

Step g – Add the Word files that you need to zip by clicking on “Add Files” button

Compress Word 2013 Document - Select Wiping Method

Step h – ‘Compression process complete’ message will be displayed

Compress Word 2013 Document - Select Wiping Method

Download Remo MORE Windows

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